By Evie Lavers - January 07, 2015

Halim, my brother-friend-photographer-pal and I took some time out too hang together at his favourite rum bar, The Hula Bula Bar! It's a super fly small bar with a holiday atmosphere. Here you can have a tiki terrific time 5 nights a week! Oh and on Wednesday nights they do a Drink Special, $10 Cocktails all night. AND in every cocktail you get a toy. How FUNtastic is that, that's what I 
thought to myself too. 

Whilst in the UK earlier, in the year, I was gifted some sweet threads from my pal Deekline. He runs an online store which stocks a stack of dope T-shirt designs, most of them referencing bass music. Hence the business name, Bass Boutique! I was also BIRFDAY gifted (the "F" in the word now stands for let's get f*cked up) these magical mermaid Nike kicks from my closest Perth peeps - as seen below! I love them more than most things.



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