Fuse 2012 Review

By Evie Lavers - February 26, 2012

" Fuse 2012 offers you the opportunity to listen, learn and to make contacts that can set you up for a rewarding career. Fuse is committed to challenging, changing and affecting the music industry... and most importantly introducing new music to important ears !" Fuse Music.

Jump Climb's Artist Sampler USB Card - Essentials for Fuse 2012

Fuse Music ran over 3 days in the unexpectedly cultured and vibrant "Radelaide". The conference hosted 20 different venues throughout the state, which not only showcased the musicians performing from all around the country but the city itself. I attended with Aaron and Fletch from Jump Climb; an event and management company for which I am currently interning for.

My favourite venue by far was Tuxedo Cat, though the sound quality was very poor and didn't match the intriguing decor and ambiance of the space. This could have been attributed to the total lack of PA system, one would think this is a vital piece of equipment when hosting such an event. In saying that, Perth's own toast to fun itself The Brow Horn Orchestra killed it on this stage.

The Brow Horn Orchestra - Don't You Wanna Sing Forever

The panel sessions that I observed included Artist Management, Indie Label and International Markets. Corey Denis and Alicen Schneider, two of the international speakers who are both renowned for the involvement in the music industry, spoke on the 'Women in Music' panel which was and standout for me from all of the sessions. Along with Leanne DeSouza, Cath Haridy, Jess Beston, Johanna Greenway and Rhoda Roberts these ladies inspired me more than anything else I saw over the 3 days. There was some cold hard truths said and a few topics which had mixed opinions but all these women delivered their experiences and advice with aspiration, humour and integrity. More than ever, before I feel like I belong and have a vital part to play in the music industry in the years to come.

Alicen Schneider and Corey Denis

Now that my twitter addiction is at it's 75% capacity it caught my eye that DJ Joyride ( FBi's radio host for their hip-hop program 'The Drop') was performing with New South Wales act Winter People. I was not to sure what to expect from the 6 piece but their tight performance of whimsical delivery took me somewhere else. As if I was listing to The Panic's jam with Gomez in an attic on a sunny afternoon in spring. This was a performance I'm glad I witnessed. It was held at Fuse West venue Nexus which was packed with industry people, a promising sign for the band. I highly recommend seeing them for yourself if you get a chance.

Winter People - Wishingbone

Perth's Patient Little Sister provided an engaging performance which was whimsical as it was haunting. The brother and sister duo soothed my 12 hour hang-over which was a little to do with my greeting with renowned Adelaide hip-hop manager/promoter Derek Madcap combined with the alcohol consumption whilst watching another amazing and sassy performance from one of my favourite album releases from last year Sietta. Once again Katie turned up the heat as James broke down the beat with the girls from Rayaa

Right before sietta head off to perform at the Fuse Festival in Adelaide, they jam out one of their tracks 'echoes' with the Rayaa sisters.

Over all Fuse 2012 was a fantastic experience. In the coming week I will post my notes I took on the panels that I sat in for as I did for Big Sound 2011. There were many more acts I had the pleasure of seeing and met some great people that I am looking forward to working with in the years to come. I also met a goat called Garry and purchased this beautiful cigarette tin (pictured below)Thought  I would leave you with something a little personal.

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