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By Evie Lavers - June 27, 2016

It’s no hidden fact that Stickybuds favourite gig to play is Shambhala Music Festival, Like derrr, if you had been crowned a  returning resident I'm sure you would totally be feelin' the same vibez! It’s no secret the love this events organizers and annually returning punters have for the legendary, Multi-genre Connoisseur and all round nice guy Tyler Martens! Listening back to his Fractal Forest mix from 2014 you can witness the fitness of his on-point party tune selection, smooth mixing & crowd pleasing bangers. Actually, if you listen back to any of his mixes from past years this will be displayed over and over again! With such an array of talent on this year’s stellar Shambs line-up I have asked the question to Stickybuds “Who’s on your MUST SEE list at Shambhala 2016?"
"Cut Chemist - Amazing turntablist, crate digger, creative guru, can't wait to see what he brings to our festival."
"The Noisy Freaks - Huge fan of these guys, they make amazing funky tunes, been pushing for them on the lineup for a few years."
"Roni Size + Krust Ft. Dynamite Mc - Whole bunch of legends, wicked dnb. Size was one of the first guys I really loved back in the day."
"The Upbeats - Because these guys slay, will be a proper dnb rinseout."
"Flamingosis- Listen to this guys albums all the time. Love his jams, well talented and makes great music."
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