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By Evie Lavers - May 12, 2016

Neon Steve, the Canadian West Coast Bass Warrior has really cultivated his sound in recent years as a DJ/Producer. Resulting in a reputation for his high energy sets that blend and twist conventional genres. While his production spans over a variety of tempos, at the moment you’ll find him in the studio working with Askillz on them 808 vibez & on that release tip of a new booty house banger with Basement Freaks!  Over the coming months you’ll find him hitting’ up Shambhala (hell yes!!!) and Basscoast festivals . Then he’s headed to Europe in October for a stack of shows over 6 weeks! I caught up with this Breakfest legend to talk all things Shamb’s Production tips and Tim Tam Slams… 

You’re from Canada, with that in mind what was the biggest opportunity that paved the way for you to move from being a local act to an international one? I think the key to the success I’ve had so far is just a bunch of really cool/lucky opportunities (Playing Shambhala, remixing my fav artists, getting blog support etc..) that have accumulated over the years. I’ve never had any one significant event that has launched my career. The shows/tours/releases just keep stacking up and the resume gets stronger and stronger every year. I’ve toured internationally but I still don’t feel like an “International act” I’d like to feel that way though, and I’m definitely working towards it. Slowly but surely!

Your Fractal Forest from Shambhala last year has over had over 80,000 plays! The set is a hell of a lot of fun, crossing over to so many different genres. How was the experience on the day? Thanks, Glad you think so! It’s a pretty crazy experience playing the Fractal Forest. Anyone that’s had the chance would argue it’s one of the greatest stages ever. For some reason (apart from the first year) I’ve never been nervous before playing. I’ve even had the worst possible nightmare happen (dead mixer from the jump off) and it was still such a breeze. I think it’s because the crowd is so accepting and the vibes are so thick you feel supercharged up there. The programming is all killer-no filler too, so it’s flattering getting invited back every year.
As you know I’m from Perth, the most isolated capital city in the world. What advice or tips can you give me as I head over to Canada for the Shamb’s? Perth was the only Australian city that reminded me of BC while I was over there so I think you’ll transition quite nicely! Very similar vibe of people and we even love our breakbeats just as much! I would say make the time to go on some hikes and swim in some rivers or lakes and eat all the food. We have some of the best restaurants no matter what you’re into. Also, bring warm clothes ‘cause the mountains still get super cold at night!
There is so much amazing new music at the moment. I personally find it hard to keep up! What are you diggin’ right now?I’m always so all over the map but my top 3 artists right now are Malaa, Wuki, and Tropkillaz!
Lil one for the producer heads out there; what are your top 3 plug-ins and why?
1. Really digging the new Izotope Ozone 7 Exciter. You can give some nice colour to 808’s with it, or rough em right up for some nastiness.
2. Serum. Move aside Massive!
3. Max for Live’s Convolution Reverbs. If you haven’t purchased the max for live upgrade in Ableton, it’s worth it just for these reverbs in my opinion. They have totally changed the game for me.
Have you ever had a Tim Tam Slam before? Keen to have one at the festival? I’ll bring the biccy’s!Haha say what!? No I definitely haven’t had one of those. What are they? As long as they’re meat/dairy free I’m open to trying one!

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