The Hot Seat: Dodge & Fuski

By Evie Lavers - March 10, 2015

Hot Seat: is a game played at kick on's in the peaceful city streets of our town. A small group of friends take it in turn to ask the person in the 'hot seat' one question. Once each member has asked the person who is the hot seat a question, the 'hot seat'  is then passed on to the next person in the kick on crew!

In the According 2 Evie Hot Seat this week is Rob from Dodge & Fuski with Sistym, Philly Blunt, DNGRFLD, Invoker and EMAS all being mad members in our kick on crew!

Q. PHILLY BLUNT: Have you ever thought of creating an ice cream flavour and calling it Dodge And Fuski?
A. Rob:  Sounds rank, I wouldn't eat it that's for sure!

Q. INVOKER: Glitch Hop or Dubstep?
A. Rob: Had fun making glitch hop for a while but I'm definitely glad to be back focused on making Dubstep.

Q. SISTYM: If Dodge and Fuski was an ice-cream flavour, what would it be and why?
A. Rob:  See above. What is it with you lot and ice-cream?

Q. DNGRFLD: Out of all the tunes you have, which one 'never fails?
A. Rob: Zomboy - Terror Squad ticks the lowest common denominator box every time.

Q. EMAS: What you ultimate pizza topping combo?
A. Rob. I always order Pepperoni to be honest, not sure that qualifies as a particularly 'ultimate' answer but it's an honest one.

Catch Dodge &Fuski this Friday at Ambar Nightclub
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