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By Evie Lavers - March 26, 2015

Since I began blogging I have also wanted to include a small fashion segment as part of my online sharing experience.  Not having a single cool bone in my body (my friends can confirm I’m weird but not cool) nor the ability to dress “trendy” the idea of sharing of what to wear, or what’s hot this month would be silly. And well pointless.

Last week, whilst searching through my band T-shirt draw it came to me that over the years I have invested my monies in artists threads, producers of music that I adore. As record sales continue to decrease, as do digital download sales, merchandise as an income stream that can still be a profitable for artists. When a punter purchases merchandise they are supporting the brand financially, emotionally connecting with the act and more often than not, it will create existence of the act to a greater community.

Over the coming months I'll be shirtin' up in some of my favourites artist threads. Merch that I have collected over the years, marrying it with releases that made my heart dance to their beat!

Downsyde - Fortune and Fame

First up is my gold printed Downsyde shirt from their All City, 2008 release. This shirt is thrashed and fully faded brah, but I still love it!  My all time favourite Downsyde release is the track below,  El Questro off their 2003 release Land of the Giants.

Downsyde - El Questro

A little birdy told me their are some exciting things coming up for Downsyde in 2015. Keep in the loop HERE!


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