Thursday's Loose Change

By Evie Lavers - June 09, 2014

One of the inspiring and talented hip hop acts that reigns from Big Village Records returns to Perth from the SYD this Thursday (YAY!).  Loose Change is comprised of Rapaport and Ellesquire, with their super-smooth deckman P.Major. They’re responsible for tracks ‘New Day’ and ‘Shoosh’, which more recently has been gettin' smashed on the J’s.

With Sarah Pellicano and Silvertongue supporting, it’s fair to call it a Thirsty Thursday! If you’re not familiar with their music that’s no problem, as I have listed some viewing/listening links for your pleasure below! 

If you're keen to come to their show this Friday I've got a $10 guest list, flick me an email here and I'll sort ya'll :-)

Ode to the Beat Maker - Loose Change

On The Prowl Ellesquire - 

Shoosh - Loose Change

Suburban Dark - What You Know About Ft. Rapaport

If you want to purchase a pre-sale ticket head here!


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