Hideout Festival 2014

By Evie Lavers - May 22, 2014

It’s amazing but not surprising what a good night of dancing with beautiful friends can do. I’m not saying the red wine, bag of bikkies AND the fact that I stayed in on the Friday night didn't contribute. But if it wasn’t for these decision-making-arms-twisters I wouldn't be feeling the way I am right now. I'm feel ecstatic. Trust me, its been a long time for that natural adrenaline of personal excitement to flow throughout my body. 

On the 28th June, the night of my BIRFDAY Party , I’ll leave the club (It’s around the world theme, quite fitting really) to embark on a journey which will take myself and a legendary team from Perth to Croatia! This is the first country I’ll be spending some time in of my 3 week holiday. For many reason but most importantly for this one, Hideout Festival...

The line-up makes me wet. Am I allowed to say that? Fuck it, yeah I am! AND the peeps that I am going with, I don't have the words to explain... It's going to quite possibly be the best year ever.


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