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By Evie Lavers - April 22, 2013

A2E x Genga Mixtape Collaboration Concept is a joint venture with my blog and one of my favourite people Jarroyd "Genga" Nicholas. DJ Genga plays that party bass bootleg mashup shit! He's a  bonafide soul stealing ranga, occasional rodeo roustabout, ear licker and pusher of buttons about Perth, Western Australia.

We will be bringing you monthly mixes & interviews from Perth peeps that are crossing lines and bending boundaries. Each month we will choose a friend to submit fifteen tracks then Genga makes a personalized playlist with atleast ten of the tracks. He then adds some of his flavour to the mix and we release it to the world with a special interview here, on my blog.

So you feel comfortable with both of us below are some questions I asked Genga so you can get to know him better. 

A2E: Blue
Genga: Orange

The last thing I fingered banged was a meat pie the other day, ended up with a burnt finger!

The tunes I have packed…
1.Bird Machin – DJ Snake
2. Juicy – Biggie
3.Ben Pearce – What I might do
4. Gorgor City- Real
5. Major Lazer –Get Free

I would descibe my get up as…
1/3 – Salvador Dali
1/3 – Jack Sparrow
1/3 - Ron Wealsy

You can quote me on wait… Put your camera away first!

My Favrourite bevvy to funnel is day old beer.

My life motto is No Regrets.

Check Genga's sets out here and follow him on FB here! Next month we will  be linking up with Captain of the Ship, Joely Benjamin Hinton.


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