By Evie Lavers - May 10, 2012

It is highly likely that if you live in Perth you have attended a Boomtick event. Whether you're aware of it or not. I’m almost positive, if you reside in the West Coast Metropolitan area and have not been living under a rock for the last 5 years, you would have fallen down the Ambar stairs for an early morning dance off or attended an international DJ set at Villa. Perhaps you've even been fortunate enough to have joined in the seasonal festivities which is my favorite boutique festival, Breakfest.

Honestly, Breakfest is the only thing that get’s me through the pain and cheek-pinching family shin-digs that accompany Christmas Day. So when moving 400m away from Villa, I should have come to the realisation that my social activities were never going to ease. With friends like mine, even if I wanted to stay in on a Saturday night, I would be woken up at 3am by a “ we thought we would just drop in for a cup of tea, durrie and a sneaky pick-me-up”.
Not even working until 11.30 pm on a Saturday night at the backpackers (Studentlife) discourages this girl from attending Make The Face.  Mandy is my super awesome new partner in crime/grime who is a budding music and entertainment photographer. After necking a few cold beeries back and discussing the weeks events, the two of us and a pack of boys headed to Villa.  Entering the venue we were smashed in the face with the  music delivery of what maybe my favourite dance music discovery for 2012, Surecut Kids
The duo delivered a motherfucking, crazy arse send off to the sounds of summer. Heavy influences continually echoed through their set giving me a strong sense that either Diplo and/or Major Lazer were in the building. More Baltimore, we need more Baltimore! Visually stimulating with the use of the decks but also demonstrating the fun that can be had with an MPC. Hooray! The pair were jumping around on stage like a couple of 15 year olds playing to their best mates at a house party. It was satisfying hearing them mix in Little Dragon with Aloe Blacc and then all of a sudden I’m lip syncing “I’m feeling hot, hot, hot”. These boys ticked all the right boxed for me. East Coast kids get involved. Westies.. I promise you, I will be relaying information on the next Perth appearance well in advance!
Headlining the night is one man that I am most positive had something to do with Surecut Kids presence in Perth. As the boys are also signed to his label Klub Kids,  the booty base, break beat,  Australian nice guy Kid Kenobi gave to his loyal fans what they all came out in the cold for.  A pioneer now, the spritely thing had the crowd in his palm and following his every movement. Even the rude finger to the audience, a kind of gesture you may call it in this case, had the kids going loco. 
I turned to one of my friends Pat during Kid Kenobi's set and asked him what he thought of the crowd. He glanced at the sweaty, red-faced youth, turned back to me and answered “ Filthy party animals” skulled his drink down and ran off to join them. Later in the evening I caught up with another friend in our group called Phil. I asked Phil if he wanted to go for a dance. He looked at me with a kinda insulting expression like as if I had said something terribly insulting. Although, he replied with “ it aint going to dance to itself Evie” and he too disappeared into the crowd.
I am pretty sure that sums up what Kid Kenobi has created, a following and dedicated fan base of people that like to party to descent dance music. Whilst also holding the respect of being a taste maker. In this day and age, where you can no longer trust your radio host or street press writer, I find it fitting you can trust the personalities that introduced you to the music originally. The creators themselves that continue to produce the beats, fulfil the fans desires at live shows and support the up and coming talent.
Thanks to Mandy Mateljak for the great photo's. You can view the full role at According To Evie's Facebook  and you can follow M-dawg as we like to call her at Twitter here.

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