Getting Personal at GTM 2012

By Evie Lavers - May 21, 2012

Sunset girls in their warm beanies 
It’s Monday evening and it seems my old mate Insomnia is back. Haven’t missed him and it’s not like there’s been much time for him to be present. Though as the winter breeze fills these city streets, it seems he is here to stay.  This could also be partly my responsibility of the mammoth weekend that was Groovin The Moo. As the interstate and international artists leave our quietly cultured city I wish they took my sleep depravation with them. But they didn’t. So here’s how GTM Bunbury 2012 rolled out…

Road Trippers - Fletch, Grace, Myself and Jamie
Another festival with the cool kids backstage at Sunset Events offered me another great opportunity for industry experience. I had two roles for the day. Firstly working in Artist Registration and secondly looking after the artists in the signing tent. Participating artists included Perth youngsters San Sisco and Brisbane indi act Ball Park Music.
Tittie Signing 
The polite men that are Mutemath graced both our regional towns with their performances but also did a series of city sideshows. Their fan base that attended the tent were as lovely as the members of the Mutemath themselves. It’s a pity I can’t say the same thing about Andrew WK. Wow! What a guy. I was lucky enough to catch a few minutes of his set, which included a pre-recoded count down to a death pit. His One Man Party Tour was intense, destructive yet an entertaining performance.
The Bluejuice experience 
The collaborative twosome who are Bluejuice were hilarious and responsive to their fans. Their delivery of their live show was electrifying, creative and fun. I was fortunate enough to dance on stage with the lads. The 3 minute experience which I shared with the boys from The Brow Horn Orchestra, Sunset staff Angel and Janelle and new found friend Jamie was definitely a high-light of the day.
Hermitude Signing
Little Aiden with Luke Dubs and Elgusto of Hermitude
The boys from Hermitude also spent some time in the signing tent, giving back to their devoted fans. Fresh faced Aiden would be lucky to be pushing 6 years of age. He was certainly not lacking knowledge of his contemporary music. When I asked him who he was at the festival to see he replied “ Hermitude, Beni, Kimbra and my favoritest ever Hilltop Hoods.” I was pretty impressed with the little guy. This was a question I asked a lot of teenage girls whilst the were lining up for signings. Many of them looked at me as it was a trick question and replied with “a bit of this, a bit of that, no one in particular, you know we are just here for the day.” These pathetic answers led to visions in my mind. Using these girls own bleached blonde hair extensions and tying them to a radio tuned into to RTR of FBi. For some real music education. Learn Retards.
Digitalism live from side of stage
German duo Digitalism performed a magical and memorable send off to the festival. Their track Pogo is in my Top 10 songs of all time. Last year my boy-best friend Chriso tragically passed away. Pogo was one of those tracks we often played whilst hanging out together. I hadn’t listened to it since he was taken from us. Hearing the song side of stage was both confronting and comforting. As too were the beautiful graphics that were being reflected on to a massive heart behind the DJs. Man I miss him. I'll leave you now with that track. As it is late or maybe it's early. Either way it's 2.42am Tuesday morning and my mind must give up some soon.
Digitalism - Pogo

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