3 Minutes Of Your Time

By Evie Lavers - January 13, 2012

To Whom it may concern,

Over the coming months I will be posting a series of blog interviews from both Western Australia and East Coast hip-hop Mc's, vocalist, DJ's, producers, promoters, managers and creative personalities that incorporate the elements of hip-hop in to their lives on a daily basis. They are short reads. Only 3 minutes of your time... 

I have formatted the interviews with very little structure allowing the participant to expand on what they are, what the represent and their beliefs, morals and plans for the future. The questions are very simple, the answers get a little more personal. My first interviewee is by a Perth based Mc beatmaking DJ Defyre! I have the assistance from my dear friend Ebony Campbell who will be editing the interview. Check out her blog adorable at http://adventuresofebony.blogspot.com/ or http://ebonyarwen.blogspot.com/

Speak Soon,

Evie x

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