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By Evie Lavers - January 31, 2012

My name is Defyre and I am an MC-Beatmakin DJ I represent  my actions, hip-hop and the Syllabolix and Clandestien families. On the 2 turntables I hold it down for Clandestien, Bitter Belief, Paulie P, King Leonidas, Adam Crook and my brother Hunter RIP.   

I make music that is the evolving reflection of my life. The beats I write to or construct are the result of that captured moment.  There 's a time and place for most styles but really I'm all about the classics, that 93 feel with a 2012 freshness ! 

My first music memory is  using pillows as guitars, drumming on tables jumping around the lounge room as a young kid with the fam listening to Dad's Deep Purple records haa. Great memories.

A lot of the music I create is inspired by the feeling I got listening to my favourite artists growing up. The fact that that energy/feeling can be harnessed and enjoyed when I finish a track/album and have the product staring me in the face, pumping out ya speakers

I would describe performing to an audience as an adrenaline rush like no other.  The connection of artist and crowd feeding off  the energy created is incredible.

I love performing “Boom Bapp” live because my man Dazastah is second to none on the beats.  I didn't even know Matty Gresham was touring Europe when I emailed him for hook duties !  We hadn't spoken for a couple years and were keen to get busy. There's always an awesome vibe when we rock the song, me and Daz switching from spittin verses and workin the turntables with Matty belting out the chorus an big solo's haa Booom     

Defyre ft Dazastah and Matty Gresham - Boom Bapp 

My musical hero’s are I don't know if hero is the word but I have massive respect and have looked up to James Brown, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley all of Wu Tang, Gang Starr, Jedi Mind Tricks, Big Punisher, Apathy, Celph Titled, Redman, A Tribe Called Quest, Pete Rock, DJ Revolution, Dazastah, Trials and Trem, too many to list them all. 

I admire them because they do what they do to a quality no ones messing with, I feel skill level is the main factor of a great artist.     

When I am not making music you will find me across the road at the beach, chillin with my girl, friends and family. Outside playin basketball or rockin Mortal Kombat, NBA and Fifa on the Xbox. 

My favorite release for 2011 has to be a pick between Funkoars  "The Quickening" Drapht "The Life of Riley" Celph Titled and Buckwilds "Nineteen Ninety Now"

The best live show I witnessed in 2011 was Hunter and Mortars album launch for Fear and Loathing at the Rosemount Hotel.  It was the most incredible show I've seen and fortunately been a part of.  Australian hip hop gave Hunter the strength to perform to a sold out crowd as he was confronting the final stages of his fight with cancer, the roar of the crowd as he hammered out his verses was mind blowing and something Ill hold close forever.

Hunter ft Defyre - Ultrasound Rmx

What albums have you released or been apart of The Dragon Project was a collaborative album feat Tomahawk, Bitter Belief and myself on vocals, all production by Rob Shaker with him and myself on cutz. I did the cutz on Hunter and Mortar's album Fear and Loathing.  I did a track with Hunter for his album Monster House an had a solo track on Hunter and Dazastah's Australian Hip Hop Supports Canteen (kids with cancer) project.

The Dragon Project - Birds Eye View

For the coming months I am working on a mixtape called Respect Is Earned which will get you ready for my first solo album Great Balls of Fyre.  I'm doing an album with Matt Gresham, Paulie P and Oath on production, keep your ears open for that.  Ive also just finished recording the cutz for Clandestien's new album Weapons Grade and am working on cutz for King Leonidas, Bitter Belief an Paulie P releases coming soon … 

2012 will be exciting year for me as an artist because of all the releases an shows I'll be doing.
You can hear my music at http://defyre.com.au/ 
We can be friends on facebook at Simon Defyre Fable
Follow me onTwitter at http://twitter.com/#!/defyre
My next performance will be at DJ Qbert at The Rosemount on the 16th of February. http://www.facebook.com/events/166834266754662/

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