The Future of Radio

By Evie Lavers - September 18, 2011

Facilitator Kellie Riordan (ABC Radio)

Speakers: Mike Walsh, XFM, UK / Jen Long , BBC, UK / Kathleen Hore, Secret Services Public Relations, AUS /Heather Badower, BFM Digital, USA/ Tim Janes Co- Operative, AUS / Chris Johnson AMRAP, AUS.

“Is radio still the Holy Grail when it comes to promoting your music and how differently are we going to be in 5 years time?” is the question that was posed to the panel at The Future of Radio. The speakers pulled apart the question and answered by sharing fresh concepts, exciting technology highs and music industry future lows, stories and tales from their careers and honest and heartfelt opinions on the topic. I was not familiar with any of the speakers, accept Kellie Riordan, on the panel but the mix of occupational titles and experience, age, and country of work was pulled together for an honest and entertaining discussing. Jen Long is a BBC 1 presenter, artist’s manager, writer ( for Clash & NME UK) promoter and DJ. Oh and she’s hilarious too! Her passion for the industry is pure, she was a delight to have a a positive panelist in the group. Chris Johnson, of AMRAP, presented the official launch of AirNet.

AirNet is a new online service which promotes community radio airplay on the Internet which compiles music videos, images, info links to radio playlists that are then showcased on stations websites and social networks. Airnet also captures community radio airplay.

These are my notes on The Future of Radio Panel…

On Community Radio…
  •       Community radio stations care about their listeners and they care about what they play.
  •      Listeners connect and believe in what there presenters feed to them
  •       Community Radios stations give a story to each track they play whether it is from a certain year, sport, gig, where they found the track. Not very often will the play tracks with out connection information.
  •       Super Listeners = Super Fans
  •       In the gaps of Commercial radio, when commercial radio is not the solution
  •       Big need for new material especially punk and hardcore
 On Apps…
  • Offer Multi Platforms
  • Instantly tractable
  • Demographically grabs information
  • Apps to check out: Parkway drive alarm app.
  • If you are to release an app - do it well nor don’t do it at all

Taste Makers

·      Once were only radio presenters. They are not just radio presenters but taking more control are blog writers, independent labels, artists that socially network, or anyone in your community whether that be locally or online who shares with you or a group of people you share with.
·      Taste makers are going to play a very big part in music with more digital radio shows being created with out on air presenters, people need someone to follow = Tribes.

Triple J is a trusted brand for new music, it is a filtering service.

Social networking – online really works when there is a push pull effect, give the fans something back, make the feel included, make them feel there are part of you and you need them

Companies to Research : Pandora, Spotify, Turntable FM, Fun Cotton, Spy Catcher, Neon Gold

To think about: Tribes. Apps. Taste Makers. Tenacity. Streaming future.  Supply different mediums.

What will digital radio look like in 5 years?
Mike answers: It will look amazing

We are gradually catching up with technology and with the establishments of new programs such as Amrap music we are able to track listeners, record tracks that are being played with an online on a catalogue for each community radio station and offers

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