AAM Presents - Music Management Panel

By Evie Lavers - September 18, 2011

Facilitator Catherine Haridy AAM/Catherine Haridy MGT, AUS

Speakers: Brain Winton, Foundations Management Group, USA / Jodie Regan, Spinning Top Music, AUS / Will Larnach-Jones, Parallel Management, AUS / Phillip Stevens, Jarrah Records, Phillip Stevens Mgt, AUS / Briese Abbott, Spark & Opus, AUS

The Music Management Panel was informative as much as it was inspiring.  The mix of American, Australian and West Australian, speakers some that I am very fond of and a few I had never heard of previously, set a new fire within. Their personal experiences and stories reassured me that I am ment to be in the music industry. My determination, commitment and passion for the industry will continue to burn and brightly I assure you. I feel so honored to be taught the skills and acquire the connections to assist and support artists in both my geographic community of Perth and Hip-Hop community of Australia. These are my notes…

On managing...
  • Many acts “stumble forward” the ones that step back, re-asses their situation, are the ones that continue to move forward.
  • Follow your gut, follow your instinct.
  •  Managing is isolating if you are not in a firm/shared office. Don’t be afraid to talk to other managers/like minded people.
  • Keep perspective.
  • Phillip Stevens “ follow the vibe, always underplay. At some point you have to say to yourself, this is our time, let’s go” “ I have found myself time and time again pressing too many CDs”
  • When on that high “ remember how it felt then, how it will feel in the present”
  • MENTORS… Let them help you, they are the pioneers in the industry
  •  Learn to say “No” When opportunity arises think… Is this is what is best for the act? At this time? At this price? With these people?
  • GOOD ONLINE traction
  • Forward planning in a must. Create realistic goals, create dream goals. 6month, 12month, 2year, 5year goals and timelines.

On Artist - Manager – Label Relations...

  • Selectivity: not every option advised by the label is the best
  • For full productivity the engagement with the label needs to be enthusiastic. It needs to be healthy to promote growth in all parties
  • The artist constantly needs to be moving forward with the support of the label

On Blogs…
  • Most Australia blogs are shit
  •  Australians don’t make the most of online platforms
  • Australia has no strong editorial voice

Something to settle on...
  • Never travel on the same day as your gig
  •  Just because it is your birthday doesn’t mean you don’t have to perform
  •  Follow your gut, especially when it comes to artwork
  • Mistakes are made a lot in the beginning by agreeing without understanding
Companies to Research: Redline Management, Frontline Management, Control Workshop, Pitchfork

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