By Evie Lavers - August 03, 2011

What technology and trends interest you in the relation to the music industry ?

Apple technology is ingenious, ever changing and growing becoming more dynamic and up to date. At the beginning of the year I was introduced to an application on my iphone called The Thousands. The Thousands is an information source for shops, scenes, events, things to do and not do, targeted at the “hipster” in all of us. The idea is around the postcodes of Australia (Perth being 6*** is other wise known as The Six Thousands.) I found this App handy whilst living in Melbourne, with so much going on it gave me access to information on event I would not have found out about if I had not lived in Victoria for a descent period of time.

Cassius , the French Pop/Dance Duo, released a single last year "I love you so" The music video for the track was very simple but very effective and fun.  Based on and around an App of a mouth singing the words of the track by different people. It become a hilarious pass time for my girlfriends though being very gigmicy. I thought it was very clever because the App is only down loadable off the duo’s website ( see link below ) Not your iPhone. So to get it, even though it’s a pain in the arse, you must jump on your computer, log into your itunes store and access it that way, this way the bands is able to get more demographical information on their followers. Sneaky and smart !!

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