According To Evie Pres. 'High Contrast'

By Evie Lavers - January 22, 2016

Sponsored by Gage Roads

 Become immersed in exquisite airbrush and aerosol designs, as Jerome Davenport delivers his most anticipated exhibition yet. The collection of thirty works will exhibit over two days in one of Perth’s yet to be appreciated exhibition spaces ‘Fridays Studio’. Located on Old Aberdeen Place in West Perth, with its white painted walls, the recycled brick building will be home to the aerosol artist’s seminal works as he approaches the forefront of his career. 

Friday 12 February - VIP & Media Night | 6pm - Late 
Saturday 13 February - Public Viewing | 10am - 3pm

Fridays Studio | 13 Old Aberdeen Place, West Perth

“Water and Light share an intrinsic relationship - while they are formless in nature, they shape all our lives, and the challenge of capturing such a relationship in a single moment forms the basis of the collection.” Bypassing the Media's common conception of beauty, Jerome seeks to create a space where the symbiosis of light and water is allowed to capture the full potential of the female form, and the resulting beauty of such a moment forms this body of work. 

Working predominantly with aerosol Jerome Davenport is blurring the boundaries of graffiti, muralism and geometry with incredible colour and impact. Growing up in rural Western Australia, Davenport’s career blossomed after studying Live Theatre Production. It was during these studies he obtained the skills and techniques, which empower him to turn any medium into a canvas. Recently his work has been accepted into Australia’s most prestigious portraiture award, The Black Swan Prize, as well as the Archibald Prize and being featured on Channels 9’s The Block’s Matt and Kim to the rescue.

This is the first public event I have presented as According To Evie! As you can imagine this is a challenging yet exciting time for me. I look forward to seeing you on the night! 

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