"All & All" Art Exhibition

By Evie Lavers - December 10, 2015

In late July 2015 I introduced Jamie Mack (Aolie/Alloneline) a budding street artist from Fremantle to my new found friend and illustrator Alison Draper... with a future project in mind! All our stars aligned n on Friday Evening (3 months from their first meeting) I was so very proud to announce, promote and present their first debut exhibition "All & All".

The exhibition's secret location was communicated to the invited guests via old skool snail mail in the form of an A5 matt finished colouring postcard collaborative design from Alison and Jamie. The exhibition boasted of over 45 original works; 10 skate board decks, 6 sculptures, 2 clocks, 12 sketchers, half a dozen canvas and 25 colouring books.

The night was filled with positive vibes, successful sales, wonderful wine courtesy of Oakover Wines and refreshing brews thanks to Little Creatures. The support for the artist was evident as the "pop-up "creative shared space could be seen busting at the seams several times throughout the evening. A huge complement for these two artist making their first debut dent in the local scene.

I want to take this opportunity to thank both Alison and Jamie for letting me be part of their artist journey! I learnt so much in an area that was new territory for me & I really look forward to helping other artist's in the future with End to End event management, Creative Communication Strategies and Social Media Activations.

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