Duane Pike: Mad Dawg

By Evie Lavers - October 16, 2015

Duane Pike is a Mad Dawg. Why? He’s a Patron drinking, Vodka Pong (Vodka Beer Pong for those of you who haven’t made it to the Northern Beaches mid kick-on) and an extreme funneling enthusiast. Growing up surrounded by sound equipment he started DJ’ing in school n entered the music industry at Ambar Nightclub’s Sound Guy! Now living in London he’s joined forces with Dave Gee, Greg Whyte, Jamie Ross-Hulme, Nicky Dsilva and Liam Hicks to 
launch their label Reach LDN.

Duane’s role at the label in Distribution, Contractual Agreements and Finances. With the labels first release only weeks there is more than just the ‘Happiness’ - the 2nd release by D’Silva on the label, to be happy about! “We’re striving to be a music collective not in competition. The most exciting part is there is so much talent out there, so much amazing music being produced by so many people. For us this is an opportunity to provide emerging artists with a platform to get their music heard and to be supported by the Reach community we’re growing”. The label only came into fruition 3 months ago, which is surprising when you look at how much the label has archives thus far. With interest from Spain n Ibiza for label parties, more launch parties and releases on the way it seems the label has a very colourful 12 months ahead of them.

Over the coming weeks Duane can be found pumping Cyantific podcast (an artist he would love to collaborate with some day) in Star Studios London (another Perth Boy Liam Hick’s joint venture with Tobi Saich). The Studio is fast becoming a motivations, magical musical hub. Already hosting Xtrahn(DnB Lord)and they haven’t even being declared officially open yet! 

When I asked Duane who his favourite mad dawgs are he  replied “Liam Neilson in 'Taken', because he is a general baddass saving his daughter and Jay-Z. Because of his success and innovation with-in the music industry. "I’ve been reading a lot about his involvement in his business ventures, running his labels, music publishing, talent consulting and management services. Very Inspiring!” 

Link up with Reach LDN by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or via their Website. 

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