St Jerome’s Laneway Festival 2015

By Evie Lavers - February 02, 2015

As Laneway Festival 2015 is fastly approaching the West Coast I asked my favourite fag boi Tristan whats acts he was most looking forward 
to checking out this Sunday Funday! 


FKA TWIGS is one of the biggest names projected around the world in 2014, she’s signed with independent label Young Turks who released her debut album LP1. As a multi talented artist combing singing, songwriting, producing, dancing and directing she Is defiantly one to provide a full performance using all these elements to make sure you will never forget it.


CARIBOU AKA Daniel Snaith is a multi genre crossing mastermind. Hes being performing in the electronic genre under the name Caribou since 2005 and before that in 2001 as Manitoba, With a break in-between with another project Daphni in 2012. From my personal love of him and seeing his live performances before Caribou’s show will be one not too miss.


BANKS is a goddess so no wonder why thats why her debut album was titled it as well. With her soulful lyrics somewhat i would compare to dark R&B, her performance I guess would be as emotional and in depth as tracks you would hear on her album. This for me would be another artist to see due to the sheer presence and message she projects when performing.


JON HOPKINS is a talented artist and a phenomenal producer. His approach to creating tracks is somewhat poetic, in not creating something that is perfect. Rather he creates music that is organic and sometimes irregular. This alone is the only reason you need to see him perform as he in 100% an artist and devoted to his music.


SEEKAE the Sydney based trio who have pushed and destroyed the boundaries with there musical talents. Seekae are another group of artists who cross different genres to create something new that is rarely heard in the mainstream market. There latest album The Worry 2014, which has an erie yet sensual vibe to all the tracks makes this another act I’m looking forward to performing.

St Jerome’s Laneway Festival 2015 
Will be held in Fremantle at Esplanade reserve on Sunday 8 February

For ticket information head to
Or Download the app for any more information including maps and set times!


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