Soothing Blooms

By Evie Lavers - November 06, 2013

Floral Design is one of my true loves. It’s weird and may seem crazy but there’s something so soothing about collecting different textured foliage, cleaning the vessels and arranging the blooms that inspire my soul. Don't think you have to have a heap of disposable income to fill the house with blooms. Just grab your scissors and a big happy smile and take a stroll down your public street with polite manners in mind! 

  • Recycle old jam jars, pasta jars and teapots - they all make great vessels (vases) to hold your blooms.
  • Ensure your vessels are clean. I normally wash mine with boiling water from the kettle and add in drop of bleach.
  • Change the water in your vessels every 3 days.
  • Ensure you always cut the stems of your blooms on a clean, sharp angle; take about 1cm off the stems when you get home from the store and when you change the water. This will ensure you cut out any air bubbles that may be in the stem resulting in the heads of your blooms going limp in a day or two.
  • When using fresh foliage of flowers from your garden place in water immediate, let sit for several hours then re-cut stems (Take about 1cm of the bottom again on a clean, sharp angle). 

Thats to my dazzling housemate Hal for taking these images - You can follow him on Instagram @ imhal9000


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