I Love Crowd Funding

By Evie Lavers - July 16, 2013

Not too many moons ago my friend Micah, who is a local DJ/Producer/Radio Host/Noodle Eater Extraordinaire, was offered an opportunity to play at a festival in the Ukraine called Kazantip, by our friend Lady Waks. He was wrapped with the venture that lay before him but unfortunately his financial situation was quite the opposite. This is a story you tend to here way to often working in a creative industry. 

There is some really great government grants available but the success rate of getting a grant approved in WA sits at about 22% and is a hell of a lot of work just to submit to an applications for it only to get rejected. With recent success stories from Hermitude, Amanda Palmer and Tomas Ford I had been intrigued about the “crowd funding” process. Recently, I had been exploring ideas but yet to be involved in a campaign as a lacked a meaningful cause. And there sat Micah in my lounge room.

After several meetings the budget was calculated, the copy was written and we had outsourced Zac from Tunnel Vision to record Micah’s video for his campaign to cover the cost for him to attend the festival. And here it is…

As you can see we are freaking stoked to have reached our target goal (f*ck yeah) but there are still some really rad rewards available. Including stickers, DJ lessons and a complete house party setup (the first one is being used for a wedding). Now you maybe wondering, why should you pledge if we have met our target goal. Well, we had some hidden costs. As Kazantip is its own country in the Ukraine they have extra expenses including additional VISA fees and transfers. And this maybe be stretching it but if we can sort out some extra funds we really want to hire a local Ukrainian to film Micah’s set at the festival to share with you.

Now you know what Crowd Funding is I dare you to get involved and assist in helping a creative type achieve their dreams. There are hundreds of amazing ideas on the Pozible website. To be part of someone’s journey and success leaves you with a beautiful warm fuzzy feeling inside, trust me!

Stay flippin' warm. AND dry.


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