Banning Black: Wrap Up

By Evie Lavers - December 05, 2012

I was going so well at the beginning of the week with documenting my outfits for Banning Black. As the week grew closer to the weekend, my dedication to the challenge did not deteriorate. Though my efforts to record and publish posts did. Seven whole days of not wearing any black was indeed an accomplishment. The weekend was hectic. I didn't make snaps of what I was wearing a priority. I did manage to find two in my phone. I really wish I did make more of an effort as both these outfits were super styling! 

On Friday night we had two big events on at Boomtick HQ. 2ManyDJs at Villa which we sold out and 10 at Ambar. 10 was a celebration of Micah, Ben Mac and Wish's ten years of performing as resident DJs at Ambar.

Not wearing black made the WHAT THE HELL DO I WEAR saga, which normally roles out about 6pm most Friday nights, so much more stressful! I decided to purchase a new pastel frock, flat peach sandals and a thin pale pink blazer for the evening. I then curled and pinned my hair loosely back off my face. Pictured above with Dan Dan and Kortni's puppy Manix - so adorable! 

Sunday was the Perth Dance Music Awards 2012 in which we took home Best Nightclub for Ambar and Best Event for Breakfest!!!  I am pictured above with my friend and Ambar Venue manager Nick, with our award. Looking a little intoxicated and a maybe a tad sunburnt. I wore my maroon Etnies, a funky blue dress from Ally, my turquoise Mimco bag and a necklace that my dear friend Xannon's mother gave me. I received it July last year whilst I was visiting Xan. Whenever I wear I think about the delightful time I spent with him, his Mum ,Dad and charming dog Marquez (I hope you are all well).

The track that really sums up the last week is a little off topic and unexpected, if we haven't spoken in the last few days. It's for my Nana. She's not well and it absolutely breaks my heart the way everything is happening so quickly. The women I owe everything to. This song I am sure was written about you.


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